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45 Years in a Refugee Camp

The plight of the Eritrean refugees in Sudan is absolutely dire, they face extreme issues of food shortages, lack of clean water, limited medical care, lack of medical supplies, and limited education. Many children have also suffered from brutal torture at hands of traffickers who kidnap them from the camps for ransom.

Some people have lived in these camps for 35 to 45 years and for some its all they have known of life. How can this be just, right or ok?? Witnessing this level of poverty and neglect i experienced a profound grief for humanity. Tears for the numb, broken heart of humanity that turns a blind eye to such incredible levels of anguish and injustice.

The UN says more than 200 risk their lives every day to cross the dangerous border, escaping Eritrea’s open-ended military subscription and violent police state. Many continue north to risk the often deadly journey to Europe.

In the midst of all this tragedy, the enduring spirit of the Eritrean people in the refugee camps was beautiful to behold.

The UN calls them “The Forgotten Refugees”.

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There are 30 refugee camps housing approximately 200,000 Eritrean refugees dotted between Al Qadarif and Kassala in Eastern Sudan. A similar situation exists in northern Ethiopia.

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