Jan 2011 07

We are happy to announce that Dr. Hussein Yassin Abdallah is our first Permaculture Design Certification graduate!

Dr. Hussein Abdallah, a medical doctor, has been working with the Eritrean refugee population for some years and the Eritrean Medical Association which is an organization set up to look after the medical needs of the refugees. Some of his family are still living in the refugee camps.

In 2010 Dr. Hussein Abdallah was able to come to America and thanks to Cory Brennan and a grant from the Permaculture Guild he was able to take the Permaculture Design Certification training at Pine Ridge, the Lakota Native American Indian reservation in South Dakota. The course was taught by international permaculture trainer Warren Brush who is developing permaculture projects in Kenya and Liberia, where he is training ex-child solders.

The course was a special coming together of leaders from communities in deep need, turning to permaculture to find powerful, sustainable, development solutions. In addition to Dr. Hussein there were native Lakota committed to regeneration of the reservation, and several people from Haiti committed to the environmental and social regeneration of their country.

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